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   M.Construction Services

Established 30 years ago, M.Construction Services is a privately owned company based at Oakley Diss Norfolk



M.Construction Services

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Aeration and Fan Units

Below ground lateral can be installed to be used either low volume ventalation or is spaced a sized correctly drying of the crop

If laterals are used for drying a main air duct will be required. This can be in the centre of the store and double as a partition wall, or installed down the side of narrower buildings



Spare piping, blowers and rotary valves are available for the full Kongskilde Pneumatic System

We can supply and install a full range of centrifugal or axial fans to suit all requirements.


Also in stock are a full range of portable low volume fans for use on silos and airstacks.


If you have stores using the old Bentall fan unit, we can supply replica fan unit